3 Startling Survival Rules That Can And Will Save Your Life

Here’s the problem…

We are living in very unpredictable times that expose us to a lot of dangers and while that may be fine for those who are properly prepared to face them…

what happens if a disaster strikes and you’re caught on the wrong foot?

Regardless if we’re talking about the Arab spring riots that swept the Middle East and North Africa regions at the beginning of the year or about the massive disaster that struck Japan and caused the Fukushima nuclear reactors to explode, there’s enough evidence that something can go wrong at any given moment.

If you’ve been watching the news, you maybe know that earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires have happened more frequently as of late and at the same time the likelihood of dwindling food supply lines, financial meltdown and civil unrest also increased dramatically. While it’s clear as day that if something were to happen it will happen eventually, what you can do in order to meet a future disaster is to be properly prepared for it. If you start to prepare yourself right from today, then this small change can make a life saving difference tomorrow.

So with no further ado, what are those specific things you can do in order to be prepared for what tomorrow may bring?

1. Get a bug-out bag

What is a bug-out bag?

Shortly put, this is a portable container that allows you to store enough items which guarantee your survival for up to 3 days or more following a major crisis or disaster. What is special about these bags is that each one is made in such a way that it reflects your personal needs. In this sense, you can even say it’s much like your fingerprint. Now everyone will use these bags in order to store any items they think will help them survive for 3 or more days and while as a single individual you won’t need but a few items, if you have a family, then you’ll need a small survival arsenal so every family member can make it until rescue arrives.

While there are no fixed items you should include in these bags, there are of course a few generally agreed upon items you will find in any of them.

They are as following:

  1. Bedding items, plastic sheeting and medical records.
  2. Elderly, pet and child needs.
  3. Ammunition, weapons (guns, etc.) and batteries.
  4. Folding knife, duct tape and money.
  5. Water, non-perishable foods and cooking supplies.
  6. First aid kit, weather appropriate clothing and fire starting tools.

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2. Always carry a bug-out bag in your car

You’ve had your bug-out bag for a while now and you think it’s the greatest thing ever since the discovery of hot water. You have everything you need in it, it’s very sturdy and has plenty of storage space. However, while enjoying your day at work, disaster strikes and while it may not be as bad as the news reports say, you then realize that your family may be in danger and you call them. They tell you everything is fine, but that they’re worried and want you to come home as soon as possible. Okay, fine with you, but when you get outside and head over to the parking lot, you notice that the main highway is blocked. So what can you do? Well, you take your bug-out bag from the trunk and head over to the other side of town where you probably live and meet up with your family.

Do you see how much of a difference having a bug-out bag in your trunk can make? If you were to have no food, no first aid kit and no water with you, would you have ventured so far like that? I don’t think so! On top of that, your family is also relieved of the fact that not only are you going to come home soon, but that you have a bug-out bag with you that’s filled with supplies and means of defense in case someone tries to mug you or wild animals attack you.

3. Remain calm at all times

Every disaster situation has always been made worse by human behavior and that is why the most important thing when you’re hit by disaster is to remain calm. To be honest, no matter if you have the greatest bug-out in the world with God knows what special features, it won’t be of too much help if you engulf in fear and panic. It’s vital that you put yourself in the frame of mind where you can be dependable and solid. Not only that, but you may decide to have some kids tagging along, kids that may be those of your next door neighbors. Since you’re an adult, they will depend on you, which makes it even clearer that getting yourself together is paramount in such situations.

Having a bug-out bag that you have to carry for maybe several miles until you reach your house can be quite exhausting and because of that, you need to learn how to manage your energy.

Don’t walk for more than thirty minutes (depending on how heavy your bug-out bag is) and always remember to take a break of around 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow you to catch your breath while your muscles relax and get ready for another thirty minute walk. On the way, don’t waste your energy by thinking about negative things which only distract you from your purpose of getting home safe as soon as possible. And if you decide to bring someone along with you, be sure you watch your back and tell that person to watch yours. This is especially important if you’re taking a shortcut through the woods.

Want to Learn How To Build A Bug-Out Bag That’s Best For You?

Access our Your Ultimate Bug-Out Bag Execution Plan to understand how to be prepared, know what you need, and stockpile strategically. The Ultimate Guide To Building A Bug Out Bag

Surviving in the event of a disaster is something few of us are prepared for, but that doesn’t mean that given the right supplies and the right directions you won’t make it.

This report has offered you a few pointers on the most important things you should do in such situations, but there are many others you need to know about. At the end of the day, when you’re armed with the right survival tips and with a lot of self confidence, you can make it through any type of situation no matter how bad it may initially seem.

How Do You Learn What’s Right For YOUR Bug-Out Bag?

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We usually begin by looking at where you live, the climate, and your current environment.

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