5 Firearms Tips That Will Turn You Into A Shotgun Guru

Wait a second…

Did you ever stop and think for a second about what you would do if someone attacks your family?

What if this would happen, right now and out of the blue, some random crazy guy would break into your house and start threatening your family?

We’ve seen these kinds of things all over the news for dozens of times now and while we generally don’t want to think about them and live in constant fear, these things are real and need to be taken seriously.

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1. Shotguns are excellent for close combat situations

While you may have a baseball bat hidden in strategic places in your house, that won’t stack up well against someone who is carrying a loaded gun.

Instead, I think that using a shotgun would be one of the best means to protect your family and annihilate your enemy.


No one says that having a rifle or a pistol isn’t recommended, but the sheer firepower of the shotgun is just unmatched by any of these.

Shotguns are not only an excellent way to protect yourself and your loved ones, but they are also special due to their close combat performance, ease of use and versatility of the ammunition.

One thing that adds to the appeal of a shotgun is its low cost and also the low-tech nature of its design when comparing it to pistols and rifles for instance. There are also many types of shotguns you can go with, so no matter if you love sawed off shotguns, the single barrel type or maybe an automatic one, they can all be yours if you know which one is best for your needs.

But wait a minute!

Maybe you’re thinking that “Hey, I can get a birding gun that can easily be used as a multi-purpose weapon and also save a bit of money”.

You may be right on that one, but while using it to hit your target in sport is going to be a breeze with it, this gun is basically useless in a defensive situation. If you look at it, you’ll realize that it has quite a long barrel and it’s generally geared to hunters who have enough time to line their shot.

On top of that, in a self defense situation, you generally have a few seconds or even less to reach to your gun and shoot. Therefore, in order to make sure the shotgun you’re about to buy will perfectly match your needs, let’s take a closer look below at some of the details you need to keep in mind before getting it. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be armed with a lot more information about self defense weapons and how to pick the right one.

2. Common shotgun gauges

  1. The .410 gauge is the smallest one you’ll ever get to use with a shotgun and it seems that most of the times it’s preferred by youngsters who are just learning how to shoot. Thanks to its low recoil and forgiving nature, the .410 gauge is not all that great for self defense, but it does seem to be right for other uses (for example it’s great for shooting at fowl).
  2. The 28-gauge is one of the least used gauges out there and it’s similar in many aspects with the .410.
  3. The 20-gauge packs quite a punch and it’s great for use in self defense.
  4. The 16-gauge is what you’d call a middle point between the power of the 12-gauge and the recoil and lighter feel of the 20-gauge. It’s not that great for being used as a home defense weapon and that is because the majority of designs are single shot guns and due to the low selection of shells.
  5. The 12-gauge is the best shotgun you can use if you want to protect yourself and your family from various dangers. This type has been a favorite for citizens, the police and militaries for more than a hundred years now. What stands out about it is that it also has the highest variety of accessories, shell options and gun styles.
  6. The 18 -gauge is a good choice for close combat and what is great about it is that it’s quite accurate and packs a lot of power.

3. Mossberg 500 and 590 Series

For more than half a century this shotgun has proven that it’s one of the best out there that both the police and military seem to favor. No matter what series you’ll go with, these shotguns feature a very simple design, and you can also buy many parts and types of shells for them. Since there are so many produced and still being produced, you can easily find them up for sale, while if you plan to sell yours, you’ll be very happy to know they have great aftermarket value.

Some of their features include:

  1. Can include a pistol grip.
  2. Accept three magnum shells.
  3. Ambidextrous thumb operated safety mechanism.
  4. Great Parkerized finish.
  5. The 20-gauge barrel can hold up to eight shells in the magazine and one more in the chamber.
  6. The 18.5-gauge barrel holds up to five shells in the magazine and one extra in the chamber.

Want to Learn More Facts About Using Shotgun To Defend Your Home?

Access our Extensive Execution Plan to learn more ways to use a shotgun for home defense and family protection that work RIGHT NOW. The Ultimate Guide On Shotguns For Home Defense And Family Protection

4. Mossberg 930 Tactical

If you’re looking for an autoloader, then you will find this one to be one of the best out there.

Why is that?

Well, for just five hundred dollars you’ll get an 18.5-gauge barrel with a capacity of seven rounds in the magazine and one extra in the chamber. This is a very reliable, light and fast firing weapon that features a pistol grip and excellent sights.

5. Shell Holder

If you know a bit about guns, then you’re aware that most of them aren’t magazine fed which means that the shells need to be carried around loose and loaded 1 at a time. Well, that is unless you have a shell holder to fix that.

So, what are these?

Shell holders are basically molded plastic racks that you can mount on the side of the receiver that’s opposite to the rejection port or to the stock of your gun. These holders can hold between four to six shells and as a result, you’ll be stocked with twelve to sixteen rounds all on your gun.

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