5 Must Have Fire Starting Hacks

Here’s a reality check…

While many of us feel really safe in our cozy and warm homes, it only takes a single switch, flip or a natural disaster to leave us in the dark.

So when the unexpected happens and you’re left in the dark, what options do you have?

Well, one of the first things you need to think about is how to make a fire, since a fire can open up a lot of possibilities such as:

1. A hot meal.

2. A way to signal others for help.

3. You can light your way and scare predators away.

4. Keep yourself warm in the cold.

5. Make drinkable water.

6. And many more.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do with fire and without it, you won’t actually be able to last long.

So how can you make one?

1. Get the fuel ready

There are generally 3 main ingredients that you need in order to start a fire, but the thing is that the way these ingredients are used will open the door to a lot of possibilities. Getting wood may not be that hard, but setting it on fire may be a bit more difficult than you envision. So if you think that holding a match against a log will light it up, then you’re greatly mistaken. That would only be efficient if you had a flamethrower, but if you had one already, you wouldn’t wonder how to make a fire in the first place, right?

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The thing is that while a match held against a log won’t do anything, if you hold it against a small twig, then the results will be much more different, right?

When the twig is on fire, you could use it in order to make an even bigger fire, so big that you can eventually throw a log into it and see it burn.

2. Gather some resources to make a fire

If you find yourself in a forest and you are looking for resources that could be used to make a fire, then you should be looking for small branches, twigs, dead and dry birch bark, but also dry standing wood.

On the other hand, moss, ferns and dead grass are also going to burn quite nicely, so make sure you get them to help you start the fire. Some people will have plastic items they don’t need any more, such as a straw, sunglasses and even cardboard, so be sure you make use of them, too.

3. Fire starting methods

Chances are if you’ve adventured in the woods that you have with you one or more means of starting a fire, such as butane lighters and matches. The thing is that sooner or later, you will run out of matches and your lighters may get broken or their gas will be depleted. Finding yourself in a situation in which you cannot start a fire may be very scary, but you should not think of it as a dead end.

There is always a solution out of any situation and all it takes is making sure that you know what you’re doing and keep calm. And don’t worry, since you don’t need to be a survival expert to consider other methods, because anyone can use them.

4. How to start a fire in wet conditions

Most people who find themselves in the middle of nature with no fire will generally freak out, thinking that it is impossible for them to start a fire in wet conditions. But is it? Well, you may think that finding dry fuel and a dry place to build the fire is hard, but things aren’t always as complicated as you think.

There are many solutions to consider and the best one is to take things one step at a time. So to start with, you need to build a hearth out of rocks, since digging a fire pit will probably get filled with water soon. The hearth is a great idea, since it helps you with keeping the fire off the ground, but be mindful that you need to build it in a place where the fire won’t be put off by the rain.

So what are the best places where you could put it in?

Well, how about under an overhanging rock, under a spread out tarp or even under an overhanging tree?

However, if you go with the latter you need to make sure there are no branches near the fire that would be set ablaze by it.

5. How to deal with the wind?

The wind may sometimes be beneficial for your fire, but if it’s a strong one, it will only put it off.

So how can you deal with it?

Well, you may want to consider erecting a lean-to which can be made by building a wall of branches or even a wall of logs or by using a rock slab as a wind break.

Your next problem though would be to find fuel for your fire. Yet in a rainy environment, you’ll find that the wood is generally going to be wet on the top side, while the bottom will be somewhat damp. You should be looking for fuel that is as dry as possible and then use petroleum jelly in order to light it up. After the fire is stable, you can easily consider adding more fuel to it (branches, twigs and anything else you may have with you that can burn) in order to maintain it. Meanwhile, you can also place some wet twigs near the fire so they can dry up and then later on you can use them to keep your fire alive.

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Making a fire when you’re lost in nature may sound impossible in the beginning, but when you know exactly what to do and what steps to take, staying alive won’t sound so difficult anymore.

Remember, when you have a fire going on, you have the means to guarantee your survival since it can help you eat a hot meal, get warm and also signal others for help. If you want to know more about this, then just Click Here To Learn More.

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You don’t need to be an avid outdoorsman…

You just need to learn the tactics and practice starting fires often.

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