5 Powerful Weapons No Combat Strategy Is Complete Without

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on protecting yourself and your family even in the most extreme conditions:

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Let’s be real here…

In a society that’s on the brink of collapsing on itself because of the economical crisis and the wars and riots fought worldwide, it becomes increasingly important to think about your security with a greater degree of responsibility.

You might think that…

“Hey, if I have a gun or two in my basement, that is all I need in order to protect myself and my family”.

But think about it for a second: guns need bullets so they can be used for protection and when you are out of bullets, what will you do?

Will you start throwing your guns at your enemies?

That almost never ends well, so what can you do?

1. Make your own weapons

Want to Be Able to Defend Your Family Even In The Most Extreme Situations?

Access our Survival Weapons Hacks Execution Plan to learn how to make, use and thrive using primitive weapons. The Ultimate Guide To Making and Using Primitive Weapons

It seems that one of the best ways of making sure you can protect yourself from various dangers, be it wild animals or humans, is to make your own weapons. Hammers, spears and clubs are just a few examples of weapons you could start learning how to make right away, since this knowledge will serve you well when all your bullets are gone and your weapons are nothing more than decorations in a living room that won’t receive visitors anytime soon.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that if you have weapons, you’ll be invincible and immune to every type of threat. You may as well have a tank in your backyard, but if you don’t know how to use it, what good does it bring?

And it’s not like you can camp in it, cook food and live there with your family, since this is not trailer my man. Therefore, you may want to start by taking some self defense courses where you are going to learn exactly how to use one or more weapons, their advantages, what kind of combat you should use them in and so forth. Arming yourself with this knowledge is going to help you protect your family in case someone attacks you.

2. Swedish army Puuko knife

The Puuko is one of the best utility knives you will ever find on the market and believe me when I tell you that using this little bad boy is going to keep you feeling very safe. No matter if you want to use it when hunting or use it to debone deer, wild boars and so forth, it will serve its purpose every single time. On top of that, the Puuko can be used for self defense as well. With one very sharp side and a very easy to grip handle, it can be easily used even by novices in times when you feel your security is threatened either by people or wild animals.

The blade is also long enough that it allows you to kill with a single strike, so you only need to catch your enemy off guard once and have the certainty a strike with this knife is going to put him down for good.

3. Crowbars and baseball bats

Crowbars and baseball bats are excellent weapons most of us know how to use and the thing is that they are vital in a 1 on 1 combat.

They are simple to use, light and the impact force generated is enough to smash someone’s skull with a single blow. If you want to get a better grip and don’t have gloves, then a pair of worn out socks will help you with that.

Channeling all the power in your arms and upper body into a single blow is exactly what these weapons are so famous for, so no matter if you’re dealing with a human or maybe a wolf or bear, one single blow should be enough to disable them. Arm yourself with bricks as well and make sure your pockets can withstand their weight. If you drop your club, you can easily reach for the rocks in your pockets and aim for your victim’s head. These little bad boys can do a lot of damage and can turn the tables in a snap.

4. Make a hammer

Close range attacks are the ones that you’ll generally need to worry about when you need to survive and there are few other weapons that can be as effective as a well built hammer.

You know, in the past we used to build hammers using wood for the handle with a stone at the other end. These would be perfect for cracking skulls and when used properly, they were one of the best close combat weapons you could own. The thing is that in modern society, especially if you have the means, you can weld the sharp ends of different types of nails on it and therefore increase its damage potential. This means not only will you be able to crush someone’s limbs with it, but striking your enemy will make it possible to rip his flesh.

For instance, if your attacker is much stronger than you, it’s easy to use the hammer and crush his knee which is going to turn into a source of searing pain that incapacitates your foe and allows you to retreat to safety.

Want to Be Able to Defend Your Family Even in The Most Extreme Situations?

Access our Survival Weapons Hacks Execution Plan to learn how to make, use and thrive using primitive weapons. The Ultimate Guide To Making and Using Primitive Weapons

5. Spears

While not as simple to use as other weapons we’ve talked about, spears are definitely efficient when you want to fight your opponent without getting too close and risking your own safety. Making spears is also simple and all you need is a sturdy piece of wood that’s 4-5 feet in length and one piece of metal that is very sharp at one end. The sharp end can be strapped to the piece of wood, but you can also hammer it into the wood.

Of course, this needs to be done in such a way that you won’t damage the sharp end, but if you do, be sure you have the means to sharpen it again. Once your spear is ready, you can begin practicing with it, since you need to learn how to throw it. Experienced spear throwers can throw them with a speed of up to one hundred and fifty miles per hour and you can very well picture how this will turn out for your opponent.

Do You Know How To Defend Yourself in A Survival Situation?

You DON’T need to be a weapons expert and be even be super strong…

We usually begin learning with modified household items we already have on in our home.

If you want to learn how to use modern tools to make primitive weapons…check out The Ultimate Guide To Making and Using Primitive Weapons

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