5 Well Kept Secrets That Help You Survive During A Food Crisis

Are you able to delay gratification?

The riots happening all around the world, especially in Mogadishu, are enough to make us think that we live in a society where consumerism has reached levels that would’ve been considered very unlikely in the past.

You have heard it before and you keep hearing the fact that the population is increasing at an alarming rate and sooner or later we will deal with massive food shortages.

The US dollar is already on a powerful decline and with so many political breakdowns and military conflicts happening, the future of our country is uncertain at best.

Many even say that we’ve gone beyond the point of no return and that right now we are just waiting for the bubble to burst and everything to implode.

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1. How will you get food for your family?

Many of us think that the food supply chain is the one that will help us put food on the table, but if you rely on it, then be prepared to spend a lot of time standing in line. Food rations are something that rather speak of a communist era and we’ve seen it in countries such as Romania how they only make people feel depressed, desperate and even prone to violence.

The thing is that you don’t need to worry about ever finding yourself in such situations if you take some smart decisions on time. We are blessed to have fertile lands, lands on which you can plant a lot of vegetables and fruits and expect them to grow healthy and plentifully. Therefore, you need to learn more about gardening and the power of the seed, since it’s the seed that will guarantee your survival in times of great need and famine. However, when it comes to expertise, this is something that you can learn only in a step by step process.

First of all you need to learn what seeds are the best ones you could plant, how to acquire them, when you have to plant them and so forth.

And you know what?

You need to learn how to be patient, since it’s not like planting vegetables and fruits will be something that’s done in a jiffy. As for the seeds, it’s best if you consider the non-GMO varieties, since these ones will guarantee that your vegetables grow healthy, are natural and are not filled with chemicals that eventually weaken your immune system and get you sick.

2. Pests are the gardener’s worst enemy

Pests are any gardener’s worst enemy and that is because they will eat away all the work you’ve put into making sure your seeds grow and develop into big and healthy vegetables you and your family will thoroughly enjoy eating. No matter if we’re talking about insects, viruses or germs, pests are definitely annoying and if you don’t take swift action to eliminate them, you’ll have wasted your gardening efforts.

3. Seeds can replace currency during a crisis

In the event of a food crisis, it’s only natural that seeds are going to become a form of currency.

Money won’t have too much value or have no value at all.

Frankly, what can you do with paper in a world where only food and water matter?

In such a world, which will take us back to the way people traded a few centuries ago, the ones who have the most food supplies and the highest quantity of seeds are going to be the most powerful people in the world.

As a result of this sudden shift in the way the world works, item-for-item trading will come natural. People will offer you something you need in exchange for your seeds, while you will probably give them seeds or other items and get gardening tools in return. People who are armed with techniques involved in procuring seeds and the right way to cultivate them, are going to be the new influential bankers of today.

4. Monsanto controls everything

If you did a bit of research, you very well know by now that Monsanto holds a patent on almost every possible type of seed. What this means is that in the event of a food crisis, people who are going to use seeds from Monsanto will be prosecuted and even sent to jail. For you, this means that you can be prohibited from feeding your family with seeds that you’ve legally purchased.

Doesn’t that sound Orwellian?

Because of this, you maybe understand better now just why it’s so important to have your own seeds. Truth be said, a lot of people are getting theirs right now, since they know that one day, the economic system will collapse, people won’t have the right to grow Monsanto patented seeds anymore and as a result many will starve.

5. Quality seeds come at a high price

An in-depth education on the importance of seeds should be something that everyone considers, but unfortunately so few of us are worried about such things. For those who really see the world as it is, they know that taking action and taking it fast is the only way to survive.

And even if twelve pounds of quality seeds are upwards of five hundred dollars, think of it this way:

Would some paper that now holds value mean anything when the entire country will be rioting, finding itself in a deep food crisis?

I guess not.

Want to Learn How to Grow The Food You Eat to Support Your Family for Life?

Access our Unlimited Seed Hacks Execution Plan to learn seed buying, selling and conversation secrets only dedicated agriculturists. The Ultimate Guide To Seed Preservation, Extraction, Storage, And Trade

What is sad though is that many Americans still have a consumerism mindset and it’s very hard to snap out of it. They think the feeling of security can be bought, when in fact the only way to feel secure is to educate, prepare yourself and finally, take action.

So what would you say if someone would tell that you can easily get between 20 to 30 pounds of organic survival seeds per annum without having to pay anything for them?

Would that make you get off the couch and start doing something that in the future has the potential of saving your life?

Well, if that’s so, then you’re going to be thrilled when learning that these seeds can help you and your family live off them for a very, very long time and without having to worry about patent infringement lawsuits from Monsanto.

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