6 Gold Buying And Selling Tips That Will Easily Make You Want To Quit Your 9 To 5 Job

Want to Make Some Extra Money?

Buying scrap gold seems to be a very lucrative business.

Considering the amount of money that can be made with it a lot of people are starting to buy gold and then sell it for profits.

Since I’ve been running a similar business for more than two and a half decades now, I know all the things you should and should not do if you ever decide to start buying and then selling scrap gold.

While this may sound like one of those amazing business models that could make you a lot of money (which is actually true!) you should know that you will need to undertake a few risks in your quest toward being successful with it.

Rest assured though, I’ve worked with many trusted refiners in order to put this guide together, so there is nothing here that you’ll read which has been left to chance.

1. Easily Make Some Extra Cash

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash in order to pay the mortgage or save some for when you’re going to retire, since this guide can show you every single step you need to take to make money by buying and selling gold. And if you hate your nine to five job, you can even turn this opportunity into your full time business and make even more money than you initially thought was possible.

Easily Make Some Extra Cash

Want to Learn How to Buy Scrap Gold?

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But at the end of the day it’s all about how much you enjoy doing this and not necessarily how much money you can make. For instance, if you’re working fifty to seventy hours a week, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re making eighty thousand or one hundred thousand dollars, since you don’t even have the time to spend this money.

When I first got into this, all I did was purchase a small kiosk in some local mall and then made eleven hundred dollars profit with a single deal. While it wasn’t a large amount of money, I made that in just a few hours! I can guarantee that by the time you watch and finish this webinar, you’ll be armed with all the necessary information to start making the same profits or even more than I did and quit your boring 9 to 5 job that you probably hate a lot!

2. Gold Sells For A High Price

The current price of gold while I’m writing this post is 1,300 dollars for 1 oz! If you think about how many people in America are in a troubled financial situation and how bad the overall economy is, you will understand why there are so many people who decide to part with their jewelry. Recently, while I was going about my everyday routine, I decided to surf the web a bit in order to read my favorite online publication when I saw an article that said Americans sell over 50 million dollars worth of gold on a weekly basis. I thought that number was astronomical and knew that even if I get point one percent from that money every month, I can live a pretty carefree life.

3. Little Equipment To Get Started

If you think that you need to start investing thousands of dollars into his kind of business, then you’re really wrong. Not only is the initial investment low, but as far as work hours are concerned it’s a very flexible business model. This means you are the one who decides when and how much you want to work and in most cases, people enjoy doing this so much that they will want to work on it from 9 to 5. This is one of the simplest and at the same time most profitable business models you can currently consider, so if you’re all for making good money and making it fast, then this is exactly what you need to get into doing now!

4. Using Karat Stamps

When it comes to the majority of karat gold, it’s going to be stamped by the manufacturer. While you can generally trust these stamps, you need not forget to verify them every single time you purchase gold. The stamp needs to be carefully compared to the test results in order to see if they match. You can easily find out whether an item is solid gold or gold plated by using a special gold tester.

Believe me when I tell you: Even if I’ve been in this for more than twenty five years, sometimes I do find pieces that fool me. That is why it’s vital for you to use a gold tester on every gold piece you want to buy.

Using Karat Stamps


You may already know that pure gold has a purity of .999 and it also goes by the name of 24 karat gold, but it’s not used for making jewelry since it’s too soft. In order for that to be possible, it needs to be strengthened with palladium, nickel, silver or copper.

5. Gold Plating Test

I have stumbled upon many items that have a very thick layer of gold plating and this can fool you (even after you consider the acid test) into believing that the item is made of gold, when it’s in fact filled with gold. If you want to prevent this from happening, then you can easily do that by taking a small file and then file a small notch into the scrap item and pour a single drop of acid on the notch. If it bubbles and turns green, then it’s not gold. If nothing happens, then it can be either a 10K, 14K or maybe an 18K piece of gold depending on the type of acid you used for testing.

Want to Learn How to Buy Scrap Gold?

Access our Gold Buying Secrets Execution Plan to buy, sell and finally profit using the secrets only jewelry store owners know about. The Ultimate Guide To Buying Gold, Silver And Platinum

6. Magnet Test

You can easily tell if an item is made of gold or not by using a special type of magnet over the item.

Magnet Test

Magnet Test

If it’s attracted to the item, then it’s likely a base metal that’s been plated with gold. If it’s not going to be attracted to the magnet, well, then you have a real gold item in front of you.

Buying and selling gold is currently the most profitable business model you can consider and a lot of people are starting to get into this as we speak. Don’t let yourself be fooled by what others are saying since people are generally pessimistic and rigid when it comes to doing something that falls out of their comfort zone. If you believe you can make money with this, then you probably can and will, so don’t waste any more time and Click Here To Learn More about what you need to do to start selling gold today!

How Do You Get Started Buying And Selling Gold?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money…

We usually begin with a few gold testing tools that cost much less than $100.

If you want to learn how to buy gold for pennies on the dollar…check out this free online training How to Buy Scrap Gold

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