6 Shocking Changes That Happen In A State Of Crisis

Let’s face it…

Paper money has become so vital in our society that you cannot do anything without it.

Want to pay your rent?

Then head over to the ATM, get some money and pay your landlord.

Want to buy food?

Well what a surprise, you need cash again!

Because paper money is used by literally everyone on the planet, it has become a convenience we all agree upon as a society.

Our trust in paper money though can easily be shaken up by financial crises and we’ve seen this happen in 2008 and long before that.

So how long are you going to sit with your arms crossed, solidly believing that paper money is going to save you in the event of a natural disaster or a major financial crisis?

Here’s some things to consider.

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1. The importance of money after a crisis

Are we heading into a major financial depression where paper money won’t have any value anymore?

It can happen and many people believe that we are not far away from this day. For example, a soup that sold yesterday for 2 dollars costs 5 dollars today. In an era of dollar deficits, hyperinflation and population growth, the value of the trust in paper money is dwindling at an astonishing rate, with many people already beginning to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver.

2. You drive as long as you can afford buying gasoline

During a financial crisis, you should know that you can go as far as your pockets can get you, so if you are left with no money, then you’d better prepare your legs for a good workout. The thing is that cars are just heaps of metal and plastic without gas and I firmly believe that unless you want to find yourself stranded in a place where you won’t have access to food, water and everything else you need to survive, then you’d better get yourself an alternative means of transportation and do it fast.

And what better means can you consider if not horses?

We have been using them for thousands of years and they have helped us bridge distances that are far greater compared to what you could cover on foot. So my advice in this case is to sell your car or better yet, exchange it for some horses. Then again, did it ever cross your mind that a future financial crisis will last for a very long time? That this will be the new normal? It may sound like something depicted out of a novel, but these things can happen. We’ve seen and been through a few major crises until now and we’ve come to witness that many of them last for long periods of time. You need to learn how to adapt and do it fast.

Don’t like horses?

Don’t worry, no one is telling you that they are your best and only option. You can also go for bikes. Anything that doesn’t run on gasoline is much better than you may initially want to believe.

3. In a crisis, cash has limited value so use it wisely

The first thing you need to do when you know a crisis will come is to head over to your nearest pawn shop, hardware store and grocery store and buy as many supplies as you can. Initially, money will have value, since it takes some time for people to realize that in a world where the monetary system failed, paper money weighs little compared to precious metals such as silver and gold.

Obviously, since you’re going to traverse a very hard and maybe long crisis period, it’s best to stock up on as much water as you can. You may do well without food for up to 3 weeks, but the body needs to be properly hydrated if you want to live and that is why in most cases you won’t be able to last more than 3 days without water.

After stocking up on food and water, you need to buy some communication devices, such as walkie-talkies. These will come in handy in various situations and since they can be used with the push of a button, you can immediately initiate communication.

4. Medical supplies should be on the list

While right now it’s very simple to go to the supermarket or to a small store across the street and purchase some soap, in a state of crisis this won’t be possible anymore, since the stores may have been looted or they’ll be out of soap and other hygiene related supplies. And to be honest, few of us know how to make soap and fewer have actually made some.

Not to mention the fact that you can get hurt or get sick especially if the weather is not favorable. To ensure you’ll be prepared to deal with such situations, stock up on medical supplies such as rubbing alcohol, band aids, medicine for treating colds, flus and other common diseases. To get a better understanding of how things will change in the case of a crisis, you should take a better look at the first 3 levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs. There you’ll clearly see that amongst others, water, food, health, and resources are the most important ones so bear that in mind.

5. Clothing and shoes

Your 500 dollars shoes won’t be that useful in case a crisis will come, so you’d better stock up on shoes that are very durable so they can last you for as long as possible. Solid and practical women’s shoes, work boots, sneakers and clothing are very important, since you won’t have the possibility and most certainly the means to buy these anytime you want. Therefore, when you have the chance to get them, ensure they are sturdy, cozy and can last you for a very long time.

6. Cooking food to make money

In a time where people will be very confused with everything that is happening around them, those that can distinguish themselves from the rest are more likely to be making money. If you or your wife is a very good cook and you can cook multiple gallons of stews and soups, then you can bet people are going to be interested in trading with you. For example, you can offer a family food for a few days in exchange for a bike or something else you may need.

Want to Learn How to Make Money in the Toughest Times?

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Whatever it is that you’re good at, make sure more people notice it, since this will be your new way of marketing your talent and making money with it.

How Will You Make Money When Disaster Strikes?

You don’t need go to school for years…

You can begin by knowing what the needs of the separate people will be.

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