Survivalists, we created a series of survival books that tell the stories that we know are coming.  The collapse of society, EMP blackouts, and those who are prepared and skilled enough to protect themselves and their families.  These books are available through for purchase.  Take a look at them below.




The 1% threat to the USA has finally hit home once and for all. It’s monumental because it wiped out life as we know it. The truth is, our way of  life was balanced on the knife-edge of disaster, and this one natural disaster pushed us over the edge. It’s a threat that was bearing down upon  us.  Read it HERE






The Prepper Final



The only hope that can rescue the country from the utter chaotic condition and stop the termination of the human race is one man on a mission.

It’s a story of survival of the human species, wildlife and civilization as a whole. With an interesting plot dealing with the massive spread of a deathly ebola virus, powerful enough to destroy the entire human and wildlife races, the novel is interspersed with countless nail-biting, goose bump-raising and spine-chilling moments for readers to get completely soaked into the journey.  Read it HERE








I used to believe that a government won’t harm its people. Now I know that a government will harm its people, when it sees them as the threat. The law-abiding citizens are easier to control and far simpler to suppress, brainwash and manipulate.

The United States of America and the world is on the threshold of complete annihilation. Read it HERE





Doomsday_Darkness (1)



Doomsday Darkness is a realistic story in the future backdrop of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack on the USA and its aftermath on the lives of all the people living there, the plot becomes intensely interesting with the unfolding of every event. The land of super power falls into a doomsday society with massive power outage.  Read it HERE








Doing full justice to the title, the novel EMP PITCH BLACK unravels a creative futuristic story of 2016, which depicts the fall of the USA as a superpower nation in the face of attacks hurled by both mankind and natural disasters. Survival becomes a remote possibility as the use of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Machine wreaks havoc all over. Read it HERE

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