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Going Camping?


You might already have the necessities down pat, but it’s important to understand that survival while camping requires more than just food, water and shelter.

To keep the whining to the minimum and to return home with all of your sanity intact, you have to keep your family comfortable.

The best way to do so is to get — and stay — organized, and the way to start is by packing the car correctly.

First, remember that you can’t take everything with you.

You might think that it’s smart to pack for every possibility, but doing so will simply cause clutter, chaos and disorganization. Obviously, you’ll need to bring clothing and toiletries, but you should take a step back when packing other items. Only bring things that are necessary and that can hopefully be used for more than one purpose, for example. These are a few must-have camping hacks to help make your camping trip more organized, more survivable and more fun!


Camping Hacks

Must-Have Camping Supplies (via

When you take a look at these hacks, one of the main things that you’ll probably notice is that you won’t be encouraged to pack as much as you probably think you will.

You don’t need tons of different camping supplies.

For example, there is no reason to lug around sleeping pads and floating water beds; instead, you can look for a good inflatable air mattress that can be stored easily and be used for both purposes. Another favorite hack is to use a soft hanging shoe organizer for stashing food and kitchen tools. Then, you can roll the whole thing up to keep everything neatly in place and to save space!

Another good tip is to pack your cooler with frozen water bottles rather than using ice. Then, you’ll have plenty of water on hand to keep you and your family well-hydrated, and you can get away with using a smaller cooler as well.

Also, be crafty when coming up with a way to start your campfire.

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Don’t buy expensive fire starters; instead, make your own from wax and dryer lint, and store them in an old egg carton.

When you’re making your fire, make a log-cabin type of fire so that you can use it for cooking instead of lugging along a grill. Using the biggest pieces of wood on the bottom and the smallest pieces on the top, stack your wood at right angles. Also, make sure that you overlay each piece in a way that allows it to stack on top of the pieces below it. Then, you can use your cookware on top of your fire.


Luxury Items That Can Make Camping a Lot More Comfortable (via

After you have freed up some space by using double-duty items and skipping the unnecessary, you will have a little more room for some luxurious camping items.

A nice, durable hammock will help you and your family members get comfortable on your trip, and candles that repel insects and water shoes can also add to your comfort levels.

A sun shelter, which will run you about $150, is another luxury item that you’re much better off with; it can help provide much-needed shade and cooler temperatures for you and your family. Another idea is to bring along a big golf umbrella; then, you can use it for both the sun and the rain!

These hacks can help you with your first camping trip, but you’re sure to come up with even better ideas once you get out there yourself. Camping can be a lot of fun for the whole family, and it’s best to start while your kids are young so that you don’t find yourself dealing with surly teenagers later on. If you’re looking for more tips, check out the guide to camping hacks for families by Amy White — she has lots of great information to share.

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