4 Effective Storage Tips That Will Save Your Entire Food Stockpile

We All Know A Crisis Is Coming…

What’s going to happen when disaster strikes?

Will you be prepared to feed your family?

While you’re in survival mode Food Production and Food Preservation become vital.

Your mindset needs to be that of a wild animal who leaves no food behind and gathers everything he can to survive. Dire situations call for extreme measures and in this case making tools as simple as a pike for fishing and a bow for hunting can be potential lifesavers.

For instance, survey the area for some branches that are flexible enough to make a bow out of them. For the pike, a strong and long enough piece of wood should do just fine.

Lastly, don’t forget that Fishing, Hunting, & Trapping wild animals, such as rabbits, is something you need to master pretty quickly if you are going to survive in the wild for long periods of time.

The bottom line is I don’t know about you or your family, but I’m Sure Not Counting On The Government To Help Me! In fact, they may be behind disappearing food reserves all over the United States of America.

Search through this website to learn the facts, because I’ve got the proof to back up my findings!