Martial Law: 7 Ways To Survive Martial Law

Are you ready for the day your hometown of Mayberry becomes the town of martial law?

So many events have been going on in the world as of late, so the idea isn’t as foreign as you might expect.

Think about it, within the past months hostage situations in Australia have arisen, a Pakistani school shooting occurred, and in the US, Obama is trying to lift the embargo which has spanned for decades with Cuba. This is on top of the daily race riots, Ebola threats (which seem to have taken a backseat as of late), and tensions with the M.East and Russia.

What does this really mean?

Basically, martial law can erupt any day now if tensions get too high. Governments have used various issues to declare martial law. From race riots, to terrorist plots, or disease epidemics. We can’t prepare for when martial law will occur, but we can educate ourselves on the topic.

What exactly is martial law?

Martial law is the end result of military entities being instructed to “restore order” and enforce criminal and civil laws. During this period, liberties which Americans have grown accustomed to having (1st and 2nd amendments), no longer hold true. No Miranda warnings will be given if you are stopped, and the notion of warrants before a search and seizure are no longer required by police. People may be removed from the comforts of their home, and taken away from their family. All while governmental agencies tell us this is for our own good.

In layman’s terms, martial law means totalitarian and military rule trump our free rights and the Constitution. In recent years, many have stated we are in part under martial law in the US. With police forces using tear gas in public streets, driving tankards on city roads, and ridiculous TSA searches at airports, do we really have the right to resist such acts?

When will martial law make its way to the US?

In some ways it already has.


Martial Law


Although we can’t know exactly when certain warning signs should be noted: “ It is not a single event, but rather several false flags which will occur, in different regions of the country. The pattern seems all too familiar, where authorities step forth and conduct drills in relation to terrorist attacks.

These drills are used to mask the true false flag. Just look at 9/11, the 7/7 bombings, and who could forget the most recent bombing during the Boston marathon?

These, along with the resulting false flag drills give government entities and officials the right to impose martial law. It occurred in Boston following the April 15th bombing. This simply served as a beta test for what will follow in the US. We also can’t forget an American city subject to curfews, elimination of free travel, and troops braiding around city streets.”

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Can anything be done to survive martial law?

Although the situation seems bleak, for the true survivalist no situation is. This may be that “big one” you have prepared so long for, and the survival skills you have practiced will allow you to get by when this does occur. So, what skills do you need?

  1. The evacuation plan – You always need one. Expert predictions and rumors may alert us to the inevitable martial law. Having a shelter facility away from major cities, and having an evacuation plan in place are critical. Disaster supplies should be in the car, and the tank should always be full. Supplies should also be sent to the shelter beforehand.
  2. Learn to use weapons and train the family – A firearm is your source of protection. Additional ammo and firearms should also be purchased. All family members should be properly trained. Further, a bow and arrow for hunting game will come in handy, and won’t draw attention to your family.
  3. Food, weapons, & supplies should be hidden – Even in your home they should be hidden in the event of military sweeps. All homes vary, so there is no rule as to properly hiding items away. Underground caches should also be used. Also, keep sniper dogs and metal detectors in mind so you can properly store items away properly.
  4. Play it cool – Don’t act suspicious or overly aggressive. Play it cool, even if this seems counter-intuitive to how you would act; it is for your family’s protection. Don’t stand out, and be the individual who isn’t memorable. Don’t ask unnecessary questions. Having a few rounds and cheaper weapon in place is also a good way to show you are being cooperative if asked if you have any weapons at home.
  5. Trust no one, Especially the government – The only truth you can believe is that they will kill you.These hired and paid political vermin have been lying for so long. Its their job. The money whores have been hired to write the laws, have enslaved, embezzled, extorted, poisoned, and lied in the past – nothing stops them now.
  6. Know your surroundings – This is especially true if you must hide or escape. Take security into mind, plan, and have an escape route in place.To learn more about how to hide to protect your privacy from identity thieves AND EVEN the government click here.In fact, don’t get cornered, and be sure to have a few plans prepared. And, if your family is involved, make sure they know all plans. Don’t forget to plan for your pets.

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  1. Food and water should be stored – NOW is the time to prepare. Food storage should begin immediately, and you should have at least two year’s worth. Hiding places for food and water should be in place. If you are robbed (this includes FEMA and their mercenaries) the hidden goods will save you. I have personally seen FEMA go into homes and catalog food and water sources before.


  1. Find a safe place – During martial law or SHTF scenarios a safe room will protect you. In dire situations, this room will protect the family. A heavy exterior door should secure the room and communication devices should be in place, if you have to call for help. Of course a reliable weapon should be present. And, all family members should be instructed to never come out unless instructed by you.

These are just a few precautions you must take when martial law arrives. Don’t forget the basics of having plenty of ammo, food, and water stored away. Backup electronic devices should also be stored in the event of a power outage. Your family should remain together and everyone should know their role.

Like all disasters, martial law can occur any day, but, you don’t have to live in fear. Rather taking essential precautions and being prepared now, means you won’t be caught off guard when it arrives.

How Prepared Are You For When FULLSCALE Martial Law Hits Your Neighborhood?

You don’t need to panic…
You can be prepared, you just need to plan!
We usually begin preparing with items you probably already have around your home right now.
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