Ruger LC9 Review – We Want Your Honest Opinion!

Lately, the Ruger LC9 has been receiving some mixed reviews.

People aren’t really sure what to make of the gun.

Below we are including a positive, neutral and negative review of the product.

We want you to use these reviews, the attached video below, and your own personal opinion, to give us a better understanding of what other users can expect of the Ruger LC9.

Is it really all that great or a disappointment?

Leave your feedback below so we can finally settle whether or not it is a good purchase.

Let’s start off with the positive info!

1. The Good
If you own the LCP, this reviewer has compared it to the exceptional bigger brother of the gun. The ergonomic grip is one of the main benefits, as is the gun’s range. And, the size and weight make it a great concealed carry on option.

2. Neutral Review
This review weighs pros and cons of the gun; one of the cons being the pull and reset trigger.

3. The Bad
After only six months this reviewer is ready to sell his gun, in the video below you will learn why.

Bonus videos

If you are still debating whether or not to buy, check the video below for further explanations and reviews.

The Rugger:

  • Disassemble.

  • Range Test.

What are your true opinions, share with us and other readers below!

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