Survival Ultimate Guides

Over the years we have compiled Ultimate Guides to nearly every aspect of survival and preparedness in case of a natural or national emergency.

These guides will help prepare you for power outages, how to cook and store food outside, how to purify water, and how to prepare for and care for your family.

Protecting your loved ones is the focus of this website.  Make sure you are prepared for what will happen by taking a look at some of our most popular Reports.

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking & Storing Food Outside


While you may have a dependable and constant electricity source, if you think about it for a second, you’ll realize that a natural disaster, a  hurricane, a flood and even a simple fire can easily leave you without it.

Hundreds of thousands of people can therefore be greatly affected if the grid fails for a few days, since without the means to refrigerate food,  your chances of survival will go down faster than a brick thrown in a lake.

Learn all you need to to stay prepared.

The 30 Day Sharp Shooter System



In short, The 30-Day Sharp Shooter System will make you nearly unstoppable.

This course is loaded with real-world training straight from the shooter and survivor trenches.

One of the things that makes this particularly crucial is that the knowledge you’ll gain is based on the most-relevant information and current  trends in home invasions and threats.

Do the right thing- prepare

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